U.S. Politics: Ryan’s Rising Momentum

Rep. Paul Ryan, a leading Republican voice on budget policy, presented a new fiscal blueprint on Tuesday that calls for deep cuts in domestic programs.[1] The budget, called the “Path to Prosperity”, which is unlikely to pass, is expected to serve as a campaign manifesto for the GOP in November’s congressional elections.[2]

Ryan’s budget proposes to end all President Obama’s healthcare reforms and revives cuts in social programs. According to the plan, nearly $2.1 trillion would be saved over a decade by the proposal to kill Obamacare.[3] Ryan’s plan would also add $43 billion in defense spending. In 2021, it would add $54 billion in military spending and subtract $95 billion from domestic programs.

Even though Ryan’s budget plan has almost no chance of passing, it sure makes Ryan to one of the clear frontrunners to succeed Rep. Dave Camp as chairman of the Ways and means Committee in the House of Representatives.[4] As chairman, Ryan would be in charge of policies governing Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and more.

If Ryan wins the chairmanship, his strong name recognition would indeed bring star power to these very important issues.

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[4] http://www.businessinsider.com/dave-camp-retires-paul-ryan-ways-means-2014-3

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